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Finding smoothie recipes that satisfy your hunger (and sweet tooth) WITHOUT spiking your blood sugar can be hard to find -- but all that’s about to change…

Finding smoothie recipes that satisfy your hunger (and sweet tooth) WITHOUT spiking your blood sugar can be hard to find -- but all that’s about to change…

This is your opportunity to grab 165+ nutritionally balanced (and beyond delicious) smoothie recipes developed by certified nutritionist, Cara Clark!

Most smoothie recipes that you’ll find floating around the internet fall into one of two categories… 

  • The “super healthy” kind that includes a dozen supplements but no balanced nutrition.


  • Those “recipe hacks” duping your favorite smoothie shops LOADED with added sugar.

I see a lot of busy moms doing a lot of EXTRA work making what they believe are healthier adjustments for themselves and their families…

…An extra helping of protein powder (that’s got so many added fillers it actually does more harm than good)...

…An extra handful or two of kale (that you and your kids will definitely notice no matter what else is in there)...

…An extra hour browsing online (that doesn’t get you any closer to finding the dietary swaps that you need)...

If this all sounds familiar, then you’re in good company.

So before you throw your blender out the window, I want to ask you one thing...

What if “delicious and nutritious” was more than just an empty slogan to get you hooked on unhealthy smoothies?

What if you could create a complete meal in a cup that contains whole foods, balanced macros, dense nutrition, and the right amount of sweetness?

Get instant access to my Ultimate Smoothie Book for ONLY $29 >>>

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The Ultimate Smoothie Book is here to help you do more than just make great smoothies…

  • This will help you SAVE TIME by offering a quick grab-and-go meal option that you and your family will love!
  • This will help you SAVE MONEY on Pinterest recipes gone wrong and the trips to Jamba Juice that come after!
  • This will help you CUT CRAVINGS and find good-for-you solutions that will even help stabilize your blood sugar!

These smoothies aren’t just glorified slushies packed with added sugar and processed ingredients…

"Your smoothies are so, so good"

“For so long, I've wanted to have smoothies I could mix up for breakfasts, and your smoothies are so, so good. I've also wanted to incorporate more ginger and beets into my diet, so that's been fun as well. So many bonuses!” 
-- Lindsey M

These 165+ recipes will help you create a complete meal in a cup that takes just minutes to make and offer balanced nutrition that fills you up and fuels your day!

Inside, you’ll find delicious and nutritious recipes for:


You’ll get simple swaps and suggestions that make it easy to prep these smoothies for any dietary needs!

PLUS a complete list of our top smoothie tricks and tips AND a helpful visual guide that will empower you to experiment with your own healthy (and tasty) creations!

My Book + Your Blender =
The Best-Tasting and Most Nutritionally-Balanced Smoothies
You've EVER Tried

Hi, I'm Cara...

Owner & Primary Certified Nutritionist at Cara Clark Nutrition

I work with individuals and groups to promote overall health and to manage a wide range of nutrition-related issues.

With a ‘non-dieting’ approach, I have helped clients manage weight, energy, performance, diabetes, thyroid related disease, allergies, eating disorders and more.

My passion for nutrition & wellness grew as I performed athletically at the collegiate level. With experience in the industry dating back since childhood, my goal is to expose as many people as possible to optimal health for elite performance.

I am not only a professional, but a wife and a mother to four daughters, which makes me very sensitive to the needs of each individual client.

I'm a Certified Sports and Clinical Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, diabetes, prenatal, postpartum and sports nutrition. I received a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern State University and am continuing my education for a master’s degree in Health Science.

In the past few years, I've worked with celebrities including the OC housewives and Christina El Moussa from HGTV’s Flip or Flop. I've also worked with Olympic athletes and prepared top NBA and MLB prospects for the draft and their careers.

But more than that, I pride myself in being able to serve the every day client with nutritionally sound and delicious cook books and the group challenge program my team has been offering for 7 years.

I want to let you in on a little secret…

Many people mistakenly believe that they can’t enjoy smoothies because they’re “bad for you” despite all the marketing that cafes and smoothie shops want you to believe. 

And truthfully, they can be -- in fact, they often are.
If you’ve tried incorporating smoothies into your diet in the past only to see your blood sugar spike and your efforts to get healthy sabotaged, then you might already know this…
But what you don’t know is that when recipes are made with whole foods (no artificial powders or processed ingredients) and the right balance of macros (carbohydrates, protein, and fat)... 

Your body receives sustainable energy, easy-to-absorb nutrients, and a healthy dose of fiber that leaves you feeling full and burning fat!
At Cara Clark Nutrition, one of our main philosophies of health is getting in a minimum of five colors from fruits and vegetables each day -- and smoothies are a great way to ensure you’re meeting that goal!
The phytonutrients in our smoothies help fight many diseases, increase energy, improve skin texture, fight the signs of aging, and so much more!

The A's to your Q's

Do I need to have a special blender to make these recipes? 

Any high-powered blender will work. Our personal favorite brand is Vitamix but having a specific brand isn't necessary for the best results. Depending on your blender, you just may need to blend longer and/or add a bit more water to get a smoother consistency.

I'm worried these smoothies will taste too 'green'. Are they sweet?

Smoothies you get from a restaurant or store are often loaded with fruit juice and other added sweeteners. Our smoothie sweetness comes from the whole fruit and sometimes a natural sweetener or two, like dates. 

Most of our smoothie recipes call for a handful or two of greens. Spinach is a great green to use because it's very mild in flavor.

With over 140 different combinations, we're sure you will find quite a few smoothies that aren't too green and are just sweet enough for your tastebuds!

Will I need to buy a lot of exotic ingredients?

All our smoothie ingredients can be found in most any grocery store. While the ingredients may not be familiar to you initially, they will become staples in your pantry. We utilize the same ingredients in different combinations to give you a wide variety of smoothie recipes. Warehouse stores are our favorite places to shop for smoothie ingredients because we are using these ingredients almost every day.

How are these smoothies different than other smoothies?

They truly are a meal in a cup. Most smoothies are filled with only fruit juice and fruit which causes your blood sugar to spike and you to feel hungry quickly after. All our smoothies are macro-balanced and include a carb, protein, and fat to keep your blood sugar stable and you full for a few hours after eating. All our smoothies also offer a variety of colors in each recipe, allowing you the benefits of a variety of vitamins and minerals. It's an easy (and healthy) way to start your day!

Will I receive a physical book in the mail?

All our smoothie books are digital books available via instant download in a PDF format. There is nothing physically mailed.

You CAN get complete nutrition and lasting energy from a smoothie...

And with The Ultimate Smoothie Book, you can even get your kids to beg for them as dessert!

Sure, most people think of breakfast when they think of smoothies… But these recipes can be used as a meal replacement any time!

I’ve heard from COUNTLESS moms who loved my first two smoothie recipe books and wanted even more variety (acai bowls, anybody?)

So, we combined both books, added dozens of new recipes, and decided to offer it for one ultra-low price!

Here's what others are saying about Cara Clark Nutrition...

“My husband not only started to eat breakfast for the first time since childhood- but he’s eating healthy smoothies as his breakfast choice!” -- Rycki S. 

“My girls, on the other hand, have been so excited to participate and have loved the recipes. I'm so happy to witness how they have adopted this lifestyle.” 
-- Irene S.

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